Stallion Management and Syndication

Briggs & Cromartie Thoroughbred Consultants can be involved in the development of a breeding stallion on any level requested by clients.  Whether it is simply in identifying and obtaining a specific stallion prospect for a client, managing the sales of seasons and / or shares for a syndicate or a private owner, or aiding in the advertising and promotion of a commercial stallion, the agency is qualified to represent clients at any level of the commercial stallion market.  The agency has represented such stallion owners as Silverleaf Farms, Dogwood Stables, Vinery Stud, Sequel Stallions, Winding Oaks Farm, and Team Block in the marketing and development of stallions.

Public Auction Representation

The principles of Briggs & Cromartie have been active in the selection and purchase of stock for clients at public auction and in private transactions for more than 3 decades.  Briggs & Cromartie Consultants review and analyze pedigrees to determine market value, perform prior-to-purchase inspections and physical evaluations for both public and private sales, facilitate and coordinate pre-purchase veterinary exams, and negotiate the purchase and sale transactions on behalf of clients.  The agency boasts a core of loyal clients that it has represented since its inception.  The agency also has a high rate of return clients.  All clients are assured that appropriate ethical standards are upheld in every transaction performed by Briggs & Cromartie consultants. 

Pre-sale Horse Inspections

Some clients prefer to select their own horses, but a second opinion is always valuable in the decision to purchase a horse.  Our consultants are available to perform pre-purchase evaluations.  A second opinion by an experienced Thoroughbred market expert can provide  peace of mind when making important purchase decisions.


An appraisal is a process of determining the estimated market value of a horse through a physical inspection of the horse, analysis of the pedigree, analysis of the current regional, national, and international commercial Thoroughbred markets, and the age, race record and sometimes the pregnancy status of a mare.  Thoroughbred horse values can fluctuate in response to the market.  Our agency uses up- to-date records available via Thoroughbred informational resources and the consultants’ personal knowledge of events and conditions that directly impact our market.  Comprehensive information coupled with the expertise of our consultants ensure that the client(s) receives a thorough and honest assessment of their Thoroughbred investments.  Of course, a second opinion is important to insure consistency.  Clients who have already established values can always rely on an informed second opinion.

Mating Analysis

The consultants of Briggs & Cromartie use their knowledge of Thoroughbred pedigrees and the commercial Thoroughbred market in combination with several mating and nicking analyses systems to help give clients sound advice when making breeding decisions about their mares.  Mating analysis reports are provided in several formats, depending on the needs of the client. 

Farm Design Consultation

Bob Cromartie has been active in the Thoroughbred business and farms for over three decades.  He has contributed to the conceptual design and development of some very functional and aesthetically outstanding Thoroughbred farms and business facilities in the Ocala area.   Bob has also been instrumental in the development of amenities in master planned residential community developments in other parts of the state of Florida.  Clients can see his work when they visit such sites as Padua Stables, Sequel Stallions, the F.T.B.O.A. headquarters, or Bob's own Ardmore Stud.

Business Planning

Acquiring horses for racing or broodmares to start a breeding farm takes planning. Our consultants assist clients in setting realistic goals and identifying practical objectives that lead to success. We use our extensive experience in the Thoroughbred industry to custom design a sound business plan that incorporates client goals within the context of what can be the overwhelming and confusing realms of the commercial Thoroughbred market and of Thoroughbred breeding.